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College Trunk Initiative

Man of Valor, Inc., is excited about its continuous support of graduating seniors through its College Trunk Initiative.  The purpose of the College Trunk Initiative is to stand in the gap for students who may not have access to basic equipment for a two/four year or technical college even though they may have a scholarship to cover tuition.  This is the fifth year that MOV has been able to support seniors going to college with the support of Royal Banks of Missouri and The Journey Church.


The seniors from the graduating class of 2018 were the first recipients of the initiative. Man of Valor, Inc., President and CEO, Bishop Luther D. Baker, wanted to be able to do something for the seniors who were going of to college and make the transition less stressful. The vision came to light while talk with a first generation college student. MOV gave a way 15 trunks in its 1st year. The class of 2019, had 25 seniors receiving college trunks.  Through the pandemic in 2020 and 2021 MOV was able to provide college trunks.


The trunks contain a number of items essential for starting college such as bedding, a laundry bag, a first aid kit, a desk lamp, hangers, clock with USB connectors, and batteries. In 2020 a tablet was added to provide better access to technology.  To top it off each senior received a bag of kisses from Hershey for something sweet. 


All graduating students planning to go to a two/four year or technical college who are interested in the scholarship need to submit a completed application. The application requires a 200 word essay titled "Why Do I Want To Go To College," high school transcript, and one letter of recommendation from a teacher, coach or community leader.


It is the goal of Man of Valor, Inc., to grow this initiative and be positioned to give a trunk to every graduating senior that can show a letter of acceptance. We take great pride in giving back to our scholars and helping them to start their journey for four of the greatest years of their life.

Man of Valor, Inc., encourages the community to JOIN THE MISSION by making a donation in support of this initiative.

College Trunk Initiative 2018

College Trunk Initiative 2018

College Trunk Initiative 2019

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